Part 2 of 3: What’s In The Works?

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Minecraft Healthy Eating Chart

I am not a department. I am a cross-program resource, so to speak. So I don’t manage any staff. But I am supported with an amazing cross-function team, whom I do supervise in that capacity, that comes from around the museum.

Two come from within Youth Initiatives, Nathan J. Bellomy and Samara Rubinstein; one from a different division within Education (NCSLET), Ariam Mogos; and one who has spent many years at the museum but is now consulting, Steve Gano.

And together we have developed a slate of programs, from now through the end of the summer to experiment, take risks, and provide case studies for disruptive innovation.

This will change and evolve over time, but here is the early word on projects under development:

  • Exploring the potential for digital badges to motivate and certify informal learning
  • Launching a new AMNH Youth Initiative‚Äôs Digital Youth Advisory
  • Developing a demo for a site-specific, projected video game in the Hall of Ocean Life
  • Using Voicethread to curate content within the Hall of African Mammals
  • Creating an on-going series with Morphobank of youth-produced projects that document AMNH biological collections
  • Combining Minecraft with the new Our Global Kitchen exhibit to explore the culture and science of food production and transportation
  • Developing prototypes of youth-produced audio tours
  • Geocaching to promote environmental awareness
  • Supporting the National STEM Game Design Challenge
  • Creating narrative-based mobile games to explore an exhibit space, both with on site youth and through an online competition

And we’re just getting started… (read the next and final post in this series here)

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