MicroMuseum, Session 8 – Microscopes, Malaria and Movie (oh my)

This was an action packed session!!

Right away we rushed to see Mysteries of the Unseen World, the latest AMNH Imax movie in our new 3D theater.

These mysteries included things that are too small to see like… MICROBES! It was a fortuitous fit.

It also mentioned ways that we are able to see microbes: light microscopes and scanning electron microscopes….

SO, then off we went to scientist’s labs (IN the museum) to see these different scopes in action!!!

MicroMuseum Session 8

photo 1

MicroMuseum Session 8

photo 3

It turned out we got to be the first (ever) people to see the Cymbomonas tetramitiformis algae with a scanning electron microscope!!!


In case you were wondering, Yes, it was VERY cool!


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