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How long does it take a Neanderthal detective to crack the case?

Imagine you are staring at a spreadsheet with 99 rows of data. You have been interacting with weekend visitors at the American Museum of Natural History for several months facilitating a new interactive experience. This is the first time you … Continue reading

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Video teaser of two upcoming museum-based science games: Flora and MicroRangers

There are two games we’ve been developing through our youth programs in association with an exhibit opening in the Museum this fall. Flora is a card game and MicroRangers is an augmented mobile game. At last week’s internal professional development … Continue reading

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Jamming with Dinosaurs!

I am Eric, a First Year MFA student at NYU Game Center, studying about and designing games. Barry asked me and the other interns to help put together a game jam last Sunday to support an ongoing project. Here’s a … Continue reading

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Designing Mobile Museum Experiences: Thoughts on the “Well-Played” App

You can’t always get what you want But if you try sometimes well you just might find You get what you need — Mick Jagger & Keith Richards This weekend my 5-year old daughter taught me some important lessons about … Continue reading

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First MicroRangers Walk-through

Yesterday, in preparation for this Thursday’s culminating event, the high school students in MicroMuseum returned to do their first walk-through of our mobile game, MicroRanger, using the new prototype. This is always an exciting moment, as after two months of … Continue reading

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A Critique of the Zoo App Shutterbugs, or “On Second Thought, Maybe This App Doesn’t Suck”…

I write this post in part as an apology, in part to remind me not to repeat the error, and in part (and this is why it is public) to explore with you some fascinating lessons that can be learned … Continue reading

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Using ARIS to Figure out “mobile locative embodied narrative-centric” games: An Interview with David Gagnon, ARIS, and Jennifer Sly, Minnesota Historical Society

This past summer, if you happened to talk with a Museum educator with plans to run a mobile youth program, you were guaranteed to hear one word: ARIS. ARIS describes itself as “a user-friendly, open-source platform for creating and playing mobile … Continue reading

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