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Crime Scene Neanderthal – Public Launch and Coverage in Rotunda

Under the headline, “Solve a Science-Based Mystery Designed by Teens,” the AMNH’s seasonal Rotunda magazine featured a full page article describing Crime Scene Neanderthal in the week before it’s public (beta!) launch this Sunday. (It also includes an official teaser … Continue reading

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Designing Mobile Museum Experiences: Thoughts on the “Well-Played” App

You can’t always get what you want But if you try sometimes well you just might find You get what you need — Mick Jagger & Keith Richards This weekend my 5-year old daughter taught me some important lessons about … Continue reading

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“People need a change in lighting because they walk to the right” – Using Design-based Learning with Museum Teens

A couple of weeks after shifting to more of a design focus in the Neanderthal Next Door program, we tried an ideation activity with the youth called a “Point-of-View Madlib.” (Remember Mad Libs?) Taken from Stanford d.school’s “Bootcamp Bootleg” deck … Continue reading

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New program launch: The Neanderthal Next Door

Last week we launched at the Museum an exciting new youth program, called The Neanderthal Next Door. The title refers to the fact that evolution is not linear, we lived at the same time as the Neanderthal and, at least … Continue reading

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Augmenting the Museum: Pterosaurs, Microbiomes, and More

“omne trium perfectum” (Latin for everything that comes in threes is perfect) According to Wikipedia, the rule of three is a writing principle that “suggests that things that come in threes are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than … Continue reading

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Using “String and Sellotape” To Build the Magic Tate Ball: A Behind-the-scenes Interview with Ben Templeton

Can you recall, as a child, the wonder of asking a question and then shaking that round black lump of mystery called a Magic 8 Ball? Can you remember how it felt the moment before the answer was revealed through a haze of colored liquid? The Tate … Continue reading

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A Critique of the Zoo App Shutterbugs, or “On Second Thought, Maybe This App Doesn’t Suck”…

I write this post in part as an apology, in part to remind me not to repeat the error, and in part (and this is why it is public) to explore with you some fascinating lessons that can be learned … Continue reading

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