MicroMuseum, Session 9 – The Big Reveal!

In this session the big decision was made!!

The two sites for the prototype will be…

Water Buffalo (and Methanogen)


Coral (and Zooxanthellae)

In groups we reviewed the ideas around the two sites.



We came up with questions to help in our next steps, like:

What do Zooxanthellae look like?


What are the components of a Water Buffalo’s digestive track?

Then we looked at the human microbiome and talked about how we feel knowing that microbes are everywhere, both on us and in us…

Some people were grossed out, some were indifferent, and some waxed poetic!

Great Job everyone!

This week’s Bonus Learning Opportunity is a video about the human microbiome. What do you think of the way microbes are portrayed in the video? Is this how you picture the microbes in and on you?


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