MicroRangers Behind-The-Scenes: Katie in the Recording Booth

Last summer, when we completed the prototype for the Museum-based game, MicroRangers, production was put on indefinite hold. Since then, the Museum has given this exciting new game the green-light and a funder has stepped up to turn our dreams into reality.┬áThis month the “production lights,” so to speak, have been turned back on. This post will be the first of a number over 2015 that take you behind the scenes.

Today we take go into the recording booth, with Katie! Katie helped develop the prototype last year, and was featured within the prototype as the MicroRanger Dispatcher, who guides the players along. Below is a photo of her viewing the augmented reality version of herself, triggered by the card in her hand, revealing a floating video of her character in action.

This time around, the video will be replaced by an animated character (we are anxiously awaiting the first designs). Red-headed Katie is not-so-secretly hoping the animated protist – or whatever microbe the Dispatcher ends up looking like – will also have red hair.

Yesterday, Katie came in to record all of her lines for the first level of the game. Here’s what I like to think of as the new MicroRanger’s theme song:

Here was Katie’s first take of the day…

… and here was her last:

All and all, it was a great session and an awesome way to start production back up.

Was Katie having a good time? Listen to these and tell me what you think?

In a few months, the scripts will be completed and we’ll return to the recording booth to capture all of the audio for the game. I look forward to our working with more AMNH youth and discovering who is going to bring each character to life.

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