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The Associate Director For Digital Learning, Youth Initiatives at the American Museum of Natural History.

A Suggested Model for Future-proofing Digital Interactives

Last fall, after my experience observing visitors interacting with biological science data through an augmented shark, it got me thinking about how we could learn about future museum visitors by develop cutting-edge prototypes for today’s visitors. Clearly, the tools are … Continue reading

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Youth as Co-developers in a Process to Gamify Science Data

How do you support youth learners to participate as co-creators in a rapid prototyping process? For over four years, our youth programming has invited youth to create with us – card games, mobile games, augmented activity guides and more. Since … Continue reading

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My interview with the author of The Learning Affordances of Augmented Reality For Museum Exhibits on Human Health

Below is a re-blog of my most recent post on DMLcentral, an interview with Camillia Matuk. Read it at its original location, or check it out below. Augmented Reality and Learning in Museums When I read Camillia Matuk’s The Learning … Continue reading

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Using VR to Frame Furniture at the Jewish Museum

Can virtual reality in a museum be used to enhance the visitor experience, to strengthen appreciation for the collections? At the same time, can VR assist families and friends to have meaningful conversations about the objects? Or will this all … Continue reading

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Using Escape Rooms to Gamify Learning: an interview with Breakout EDU

Below is a re-post from my latest column on DMLcentral. Read it here or check it out below: Using Escape Rooms to Gamify Learning Escape Rooms first came to America in 2012-2013 from Asia and Europe, quickly spreading across the … Continue reading

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A Series of Epistolary Romances: Games and Museums

Last year I received a rather unusual request: Would I have a conversation with my friend and colleague James Collins – over many months, like letters sent in days of old – and then publicly share it, inviting others to … Continue reading

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Virtual Weevil and Video Bridge Featured in A.P. Article

I haven’t posted much about my new position at the Museum these past few months (which I hope to rectify soon) but this lovely A.P. piece, “5 Ways Museums Are Using Technology for New Experiences,” focuses on a number of … Continue reading

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