Support #TeamAMNH at the @museweb Elevator Pitch(fork) Death Battle

I can’t WAIT to go next week to the Museums and the Web Conference in Chicago. After years of being asked, “Are you going?” I can now finally say “Yes!”

And if you are going to, I need your support.

I am thrilled to be co-presenting with fellow museum educators Hillary Cook (Art Institute of Chicago) and Chelsea Emelie Kelly (Milwaukee Art  Museum), organized by Sofie Andersen (Antenna International). Our panel – officially titled – A Creative Confluence: When Educational Products & Youth Programming Collide – will explore the question: Can combining youth programming with educational product development through digital media disrupt existing museum practices? [more details here]

The problem arose when we realized we’d be one of the last sessions at the conference. No big deal – that just meant we had to up our game. After a few days of listening to speakers – inspired and charismatic and informative as they’ll be – we suspected the average attendee might need something. A little. Different.

So obviously we decided to informally re-title our presentation: The Elevator Pitch(fork) Death Battle! Don’t worry – same topic, but now with a new format.

We’ll recruit judges from the audience to evaluate – Shark Tank style – our pitches, as we respond to topics thrown at us by the moderator. At first (according to my notes), “each panelist will have 60 seconds to decimate their colleagues/opponents,” as judged by the audience judges. The allotted rounds get progressively faster, ending in the 10 second bonus round. Each round will offer us contestants a choice between two topics to address; for example, the first round will be “Disrupt this! OR Prettiest Pony”

Before the event, I hope to drum up support for #TeamAMNH. So please retweet this to route me on! And on Saturday, April 11, 2015, from 1:30pm – 3:00pm, don’t forget to come cheer me on in person in Salon 12 (3F). (location) See you there!


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The Associate Director For Digital Learning, Youth Initiatives at the American Museum of Natural History.
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3 Responses to Support #TeamAMNH at the @museweb Elevator Pitch(fork) Death Battle

  1. dklevan says:

    I’ll be there, Barry. And I plan to attend your session!

  2. dklevan says:

    Yes… I’m gonna present our mobile app to the mobile crit room on Friday morning and then I’m a panelist in Professional Forum 5 – “Sharing user analytics: an experiment.” Though, since we overlap with Seb Chan’s Professional Forum on one end and Rob Stein’s Professional Forum on the other, maybe we should do a little creative renaming of our session too! 😉

    I don’t have any specific recommendations for sessions. All of the Thursday, 10:30 sessions look excellent. The Digital Storytelling one should be good — I have great respect for both Amelia Wong and Peter Samis. But the other sessions during that hour look fantastic, too!

    I’m interested in the 1:30 session on understanding online audiences. Kate Haley is incredibly knowledgable, and it’s an important topic.

    How about you? Anything you’d recommend?

  3. Barry says:

    Thanks David. Are you presenting?

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