Playing Gutsy at the Press Briefing for the Inside You Exhibit

There was a gentle groan from the players standing around the Gutsy! table stationed at the end of the new exhibit, The Incredible World Inside You. All of the players had to pass their Hand to the left because the Family Reunion event card had just been played. All of the plotting and planning each player had done to create the most diverse microbiome was now handed over to the person next to them, and it was back to the beginning. Half an hour earlier, these players were members of the press, instead of deeply invested players in AMNH’s newest card game.

I had the pleasure of demoing the game along with Eric Teo (one of the game’s developers) at the press briefing for the Museum’s newest exhibit. After listening to opening remarks from Ellen Futter and the exhibit’s curators, Susan Perkins and Rob DeSalle, and touring the new exhibit the press stopped by the Gutsy! table, where they jumped in and out of the game as their time allowed, picking up where the previous player had left off. The players had a great time trying to diversify their gut the fastest. The event cards, “Adopt a Puppy “and “Family Reunion”, were particular crowd-pleasers.


An example of three different guts on the table. Can you tell which player is in the lead?

As the event was wrapping up, lunchtime was approaching and folks were heading off to feed their actual microbiomes. All were quite pleased to learn that they would all be going home with their own copy of the card game. (Visitors to the exhibit, which opens 11/6, will be able to but their own in the store, and YOU can get your own copy RIGHT NOW to print-and-play here).



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