Field Trip to the 1st Consumer 3D Printer Store

Today AMNH’s Youth Initiatives and Microscopy departments (how’s that for a pairing) took a field trip to the MakerBot store in SoHo. We met with Liz Arum, MakerBot’s Education Outreach and Curriculum Development Coordinator, and the good people of the store to learn all about their 3D printers and explore how we might use them at the museum, both in education and in Microscopy.

The store features their Replicator 2’s in action, printing away, remarkable items for sale printed on the machines, and lots of friendly people willing to share how amazing this all is and offer support to help you join the revolution.

It’s tempting.

What do you, dear reader, think? How would you want a museum like AMNH to use 3d printers for informal learning?

A 3D model of my head that I made at the MakerBot store

A 3D model of my head that I made at the MakerBot store. Print it yourself here.

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