Minecraft is Coming to the AMNH

I am so excited that, in one week, the AMNH will be holding it’s first Minecraft-based educational program: FoodCraft.

Working with the great folks at TeacherGaming, who developed MinecraftEdu, we will take the youth into two custom-built Minecraft maps to explore the AMNH’s current exhibit, Our Global Kitchen (and about food production, processing, and distribution). The first map will offer an Aztec-style, pre-Columbian market and the second the same location but in the present day (or close to it).

We will have much more to share after the event (which is already over subscribed) but I feel confident sharing with you a short machinima put together, by Joel Levin, that was designed to explain to others in the museum how the content might look in Minecraft.

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The Associate Director For Digital Learning, Youth Initiatives at the American Museum of Natural History.
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