Some Reflections On What It Was Like to Intern With Me

I was sad to say goodbye to Rosio this week, a fantastic intern who came to us from NYU’s Digital Media Design for Learning (by way of Mexico City) this past Spring. As my first intern to work with at the museum, we both got to figure out the process together. As part of her internship, she was required to blog about her experiences. I wanted to share with you a few highlights below:


Among the things that I like the most is that it feels like a real training… Barry used to work for… an organization dedicated to providing young people with new skills. I think he is good at mentoring because his experience with the youth at this organization.

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Barry asked me to assembly the new printer. “Put it together and make it work.” I didn’t receive more instructions than those… Why is this post called day-by-day of a heroine? Well, just because learning how to solve technical problems, and be able to use this new technology, has made me confident that I CAN learn whatever software, machine, topic I’m presented with. And that makes me feel empowered!!

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On my first day I had the chance to go to the dinosaur’s storage room. It was an amazing experience…


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So when you are going through a practical training you’ll find yourself doing the most amazing things, like visiting the dinosaur bone room… But you’ll also find yourself doing things that are… well… not as fun as dinosaurs, whales or Pikachus. I’m talking about EXCEL… And again, I feel empowered just because I know every company needs this kind of data…

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This might seem like pointless long list of tasks. However, I believe that sometimes we idealize or negatively judge places we want to work at. That’s just because we don’t actually know what are the specifics tasks we could perform there.  Here is what I’ve done so far. See if you would like to do them or not…

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My internship at the American Museum of Natural History in New York was a great, empowering experience. Having worked for more than 10 years in media for children it was hard to find an internship program where I could have a true sense of self-development. I was looking for a hands-on experience, a place where I could learn something new that I could use in the future… I have learned a lot about the use of digital tools for youth education. It has been a real training experience and I’m glad I chose it!

Thank you Rocio for all of your hard work!

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