Launch of #scienceFTW: Building Card Games at The American Museum of Natural History

Today I am delighted to launch not just the new Minecraft@Museum program but also the super-awesome #scienceFTW: Building Card Games program.

In #scienceFTW youth will collaborate with game designers and Museum staff to build two new games about pterosaurs and science explorers!

In #scienceFTW (that is, Science For The Win!) they will play games (about such science topics as paleontology, astronomy, and more) with both Museum experts and game designers.

Then they will learn how to design their own games.

Working with their peers and professionals, together we will collaborate on the development of prototypes for two new Trading Card Games (think Pokemon or Magic: The Gathering) for the American Museum of Natural History.

The first will focus on pterosaurs, drawing upon materials being developed for our Spring, 2014 show, and the second on the work of scientists advancing knowledge and understanding in a museum context.

The team involved is super fantastic. Nick Fortugno (founder and CCO of Playmatics) is an incredible game-designer who also just happens to be an excellent educator. He will be working closely with a great crew here at the museum, composed of science educators and others.

Registration opens today. And I have to admit, I am as excited to open registration as I am to share the promotion comic strip below we made to support it:


Oh, and here is the promotional flyer:


Download a copy here

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