Presentation on Digital Fabrication at AMNH (Listen In)

The volunteers at the AMMH are amazing. Seriously. Seriously amazing. So when I was invited to speak with them about what we are doing with digital fabrication in the Education department, of course I jumped at it. It’s the least I can do as a way to say Thank You. And when I learned I’d be sharing the stage with Morgan Hill, Laboratory Co-Manager and Technician of our Microscopy and Imaging Facility, I was too excited for words. Not only is Morgan awesome, but it meant we could interview each other and do a little compare and contrast between the different ways the Museum is using digital fabrication across our departments.

It was a lot of fun. Luckily, they recorded the whole thing, so now you can listen in as if you were there (it starts at :25):

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The Associate Director For Digital Learning, Youth Initiatives at the American Museum of Natural History.
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