Call for Museum Meet-Up at the 2014 Digital Media and Learning Conference

I would like to call for a Museum Meet-Up at this year’s 2014 Digital Media and Learning Conference.

If you are attending the Boston Conference this year and would like to meet with other museum professionals in attendance, please add your name in the comment space below and you’ll be notified when we update this post with an exact location. If you like, please also add what you might like to do with everyone once we get together (what issues you might like to explore, what questions you might want to ask, etc.)

Let’s plan to meet Friday, during the 12:30 – 2:00 lunch break. We will pick a place later, but for now let’s plan to meet by the dog bed by the front-desk.

Last’s year’s meet-up launch this new online community for museum professionals. What might happen this year?


About Barry

The Associate Director For Digital Learning, Youth Initiatives at the American Museum of Natural History.
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13 Responses to Call for Museum Meet-Up at the 2014 Digital Media and Learning Conference

  1. I’ll try and stop by. Peter Kirschmann (currently EdM candidate at Harvard Ed, but long time Science Museum of MN educator/media developer).

  2. Chris Wisniewski says:

    I’ll be joining.

  3. sounds good. who’s buying? Haha. See you then.

  4. Kristin Bayans says:

    I am in (Portland Art Museum)

  5. Josie Chang-Order says:

    I’ll be there! (PhD/MFS certificate student at CU Boulder)

  6. Kat Rosenbloom says:

    Hi Barry. I’m not a museum educator so I’m happy to leave it to people with more direct and relevant experience. But I’m also happy to come by and talk about our recent program and partnership with AMNH!

  7. I’m in! Desi Gonzalez, currently comparative media studies at MIT, previously MoMA and Whitney

  8. Sounds great, count me in too.

  9. I’m in. Wade Berger (from Shedd)

  10. Eve Gaus says:

    I’ll be there! (The Field Museum)

  11. Barry says:

    Just a reminder the Museum Meet-up for lunch is in a few minutes. Meet by the hotel’s frontdesk. If I am not there please watch for Rik Panganiban from Cal Academy.

  12. Ed Rodley says:

    Count me in, too.
    Peabody Essex Museum

  13. Hi all. Lets meet by 12:40 in the lobby near the dog couch.

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