New Online Space for Digital Media and Museum-Based Learning Professionals

Today at the Chicago Digital Media and Learning Conference we held a Museum Meet-Up. We had such a good time sharing strategies, struggles, challenges and successes, we decided to keep the conversation going. I will say more about the Meet-Up below but don’t want to bury the lead: since no one knew of a place online just for museum professionals engaged with digital learning programs, we decided to create one!

Please go here to join. This can be a place to share best practices, learn about conferences, share resources, and provide a context to support all of our efforts.

Now on to the Meet-Up. Nineteen of us from nine organizations gathered around a hearty helping of Italian food and chatted about all sorts of things. We collectively represented:

  • American Museum of natural history
  • Art Institute of Chicago
  • Cal Academy of Sciences
  • Intuit: center for intuitive and outsider art
  • Museum of Science and Industry
  • Shedd Aquarium
  • The Art Institute of Chicago
  • The Field Museum
  • U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

One of my highlights was hearing how many of us have “digital” in our titles, how many have completed or are working on a digital strategy for their educational programs, and everything I heard about the role badges can play in museums. If you were in attendance, please share below something you enjoyed about the Meet-Up or a key take-away.

For everything else, see you on the Mini-Group!

About Barry

The Associate Director For Digital Learning, Youth Initiatives at the American Museum of Natural History.
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  1. Heather Schneider says:

    I enjoyed hearing more about how digital learning teams interact and collaborate with other departments within their organizations. BUT the best part of the meeting was agreeing to stay connected. See you all in minigroup. Look forward to sharing and learning with everyone!

    -Heather, Shedd Aquarium

  2. Thanks Barry. Here’s a pic from our stimulating and fun meetup.

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