MicroRanger Teaser – art, augmented animation, and minigames

This is the season.

After more than a year and a half, MicroRangers is getting ready to launch.

In spring, 2014, we held the first youth program, MicroMuseum, to see if this idea even had any legs, the idea of working with youth to create a prototype for a game about microbiomes.microSpec

In fall, 2014, we received funding from the Kellen Foundation to bring MicroRangers to full production.

In winter, 2015, we brought the team back together (like our app developer Geomedia), added some new players (like game developer Playmatics), recruited a new group of youth, and got to work.

In spring, 2015, we had a script and a design document.

In summer, 2015, we had a strong alpha to test with the public.

We start this fall with a beta and, by November, the gold will launch to the public.

Here’s a few teasers of what’s to come:

This is a short clip of Katie (who voices the microbial dispatcher) losing it in the sound booth:

Below is a beta test of animations for both the dispatcher (featuring her earlier “red pepper” design), one of the scientists, demo animations and mouth movement, and the coin trigger:

Below is a beta preview of the Bio-luminescence Diagnostic MicroGame (filmed, unfortunately, in my living room):

Below is a beta preview of the Coral Bleaching Resolution MicroGame. This has the earlier, more cartoon microbe designs:

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