Speaking on Games in Museums at #nycmer13 on 05.13

I am really excited to present tomorrow with my colleagues at the Museum of the Moving Image on the panel “Video Games, Museums, and Learning” at the New York City Museum Educator Roundtable’s annual conference. Below is the catalog description:

Video Games, Museums, and Learning will address numerous issues related to the exhibition of video games in museum spaces as well as the creation of learning activities involving the use of video games and digital game creation. Attendees will gain unique insight into the ways in which Museum of the Moving Image and American Museum of Natural History have incorporated video games into their exhibition and education programs. They will also emerge from the panel with a richer understanding of the pedagogical and practical challenges involved in developing gallery-based and museum-based learning activities that introduce concepts related to game design, systems thinking, and computation.

When I re-read the program guide, I was reminded that I had submitted the rather unorthodox bio below. It made me smile. What do you think?

Barry Joseph is the Associate Director for Digital Learning at the American Museum of Natural History. Really. He sometimes has a hard time believing it himself. What an exciting time to explore the intersection of digital media and museum-based learning! In fact, his desk, on the 4th floor, is right down the hall from where the MacArthur Foundation, back in 2006, first announced its new Digital Media and Learning Initiative, whose efforts were central to Barry’s previous work as the director of Global Kids’ Online Leadership Program. But enough about him. Introduce yourself @MMMooshme or at Mooshme.org.

About Barry

The Associate Director For Digital Learning, Youth Initiatives at the American Museum of Natural History.
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