When Good Digital Fabrications Go Bad – My Tiny Teddys on the Move

Anyone who has visited me in the past month or so is unlikely to leave without a Tiny Teddy, a small bust I fabricated from our new Teddy Roosevelt status unveiled this past Fall. I have so many of them because 1) they are so cool and 2) they are fast to print – I can make 12 an hour. When I do, it looks like this:

Well, this past Tuesday I gave a talk at the MakerBot Store on digital fabrication (where I announced the new program, Capturing Dinosaurs) and it turns out a small unit from my Tiny Teddy Army escaped! But today I received by Tweet the following message “@mmmooshme have you seen where #tinyteddy has been getting to?” Uh-oh! My army of Teddys is on the move and clearly making a general nuisance of themselves – luckily, social media watchers are tracking then down documenting what they’ve been up to. (Big thanks to Alexis Finch for catching this first batch).

If you find any more, please do let me know.

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The Associate Director For Digital Learning, Youth Initiatives at the American Museum of Natural History.
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