Capturing Dinosaurs Returns to A Night at the Museum

Last night Capturing Dinosaurs returned to A Night at the Museum. This time we adapted what worked so well in August (combining 3D printed bones with the three dinos in the hall) with what worked so well at Maker Faire (the Great Dino Skull challenge, and providing kids glue guns so they could build their own Allosaurus toe).

A certain highlight for me was having two high school students from the summer 2013 Capturing Dinosaur program, Xavi and Camilla, lead the Great Dino Skull challenge, supporting kids to reconstruct a 20-part Allosaurus cranium while answer paleontological questions.


This has been a learning experience, adapting elements from an intensive educational program to function in both a hands-on and drop-in capacity for the public, at times using the core assets of the museum and at times functioning as a traveling show. (more photos here).

More to come…

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