Scientists, Dinosaurs, Origami… Oh My! Event Schedue for AMNH at Maker Faire NY

Below is the schedule of activities for the American Museum of Natural History at World Maker Faire NY 2013. Please note – the schedule is subject to change based on weather, supply of materials, and natural disaster.

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We are located in Zone C, across from the food carts, in the Young Makers tent. We have the corner:Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 12.58.16 PM

 We will support three difference activity locations:

1) The Dino Skull Challenge Stage

Over the course of the weekend, the Dino Skull Challenge Stage will rotate between two different activities. The first is the Dino Skull Challenge itself.

Through a (heroic!) collaboration with the Makerbot Foundation, three digitally-printed dinosaur skulls, a little larger than half size, have been printed, split into 20 parts each.


Teams of youth (and their adults) will compete to properly rebuild the skull; however, to get access to the required bones, they will have to answer scientific questions based on close observations.

The second activity will be a Q&A with a wide-range of Museum scientists and staff over both days. That schedule is below:


  • 11:30 – Q&A with AMNH Paleontologist Hong-yu Yi on Using Digital Scanners To Study Fossils
  • 1:00 – Q&A with AMNH Paleoentomologist Phillip Barden on Prehistoric Ants
  • 2:30 – Q&A with AMNH Planetary Scientist Shawn Wallace
  • 3:30 – Q&A on the Museum’s Microscopy & Imaging Lab with Morgan Hill, Ed Stanley, Henry Tobin
  • 5:00 – Q&A with AMNH Exhibit Systems Architect Nicolas Bartzokas


  • 12:00 – Q&A on Parasitoid Wasps with Carly Tribull
  • 1:00 – Q&A with an AMNH filmmaker Sandya Viswanathan
  • 2:00 – From Gas to Stars to Us, with Astrophysics Curator Mordecai-Mark Mac Low
  • 3:00 – Q&A and Game Play with AMNH Paelontologist Aki Watanabe

Now, that last Q&A with AMNH Paelontologist Aki Watanabe is a little different from the others. Not only will he speak about his experience this summer working with youth in the museum to scan and 3D-print dinosaur fossils, but he will lead a game-play session of Bone Wars: The Game of Ruthless Paleontology from 3:00 – 4:30 that will take over the booth.

2) The Can’t Touch This Table

Actually, youth WILL be invited to touch these digitally fabricated bones from a dinosaur, but what can’t be touched is how cool it will be to learn how to use a glue gun to rebuild the skeleton, investigate the dinosaur of origin, come to understand phalanges, and then take home their creation. This activity, called Mesozoic Mysteries: 3D Printed Fossil Puzzles, is scheduled all day on Saturday. This activity will ONLY be offered as supplies last.


Sunday begins with The Art and Science of Origami session, from 10-12:30. Come meet with volunteers from OrigamiUSA who will show highlights of animals in simple models, perhaps a penguin, butterfly, whale, and jumping frog, and lead visitors in making their own.


Mesozoic Mysteries is then back, from 1-3 (if supplies last) and then this table is taken over from 3-4:30 by the Bone Wars game competition.

From 4:30 – 6:00, the activity shifts to making Papel Picado with staff from A Night at the Museum.

3) Make Science With 3D Printers

Come watch 3D printers creating dinosaurs bones and meet with the youth who designed them. Touch 3D printed bones and other museum-related objects and speak with the staff about digital fabrication educational programs at the Museum.

In addition to all this, there will be flyers and staff from the educational department available to help visitors understand the wide range of maker-type programs available at the Museum, from a new collectible card game development program to our new digital fabrication offerings.

Over forty people have been working hard to make this booth the best AMNH booth at Maker Faire ever (including over a dozen high school youth) s0 we hope you can drop by and spend some time with us.

If you choose to Tweet about your time in and around the booth, please tag it @amnh & @mmmooshme. If you take photos we can share of the booth, please send to

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