NYTimes Recognizes AMNH’s Minecraft and Pterosaur Gaming Projects

We are so super thrilled that today’s New York Time’s special magazine section features a wonderful article (re: At Play in Skies of Cretaceous Era) about how the Museum is, in their words, “an eager participant in a 21st-century movement to use games and interactive digital experiences to help museumgoers learn.”

The majority of the article focuses on the phenomenal work led by Hélène Alonso who “leads the small team that makes [Museum] interactives inside the 55-person exhibitions department.”

But one paragraph addressed games-based learning within our youth education programs:

The museum hosts educational programs that use the hugely popular video game Minecraft to teach science to high school students. And over the last six months, another group of students has been creating a card game about pterosaurs using artwork and research that comes directly from a Museum of Natural History exhibit that is scheduled to open in April.

It was exciting to see some recognition that part of the learning  going on in museums is not just in the exhibit halls but within  youth classrooms as well, and that part of the innovate edge is finding synergies between the two.

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