MicroMuseum, Session 3: Are You With Me Or Against Me?

This third session of MicroMuseum was brought to us by the words “Parasitic,” “Commensal“, and “Mutualist“. In other words, different type of relationships.

To start the day, the teens were paired up and challenged to act out a skit in which either:

  • one person benefits while the second person is harmed
  • both people benefit
  • one person benefits while the second person is neither harmed nor receives benefits

For some reason, bags of pretzels played a key role throughout all of these relationships.



Then we applied these ideas with microbes and other organisms, watching a wide range of videos that each reflected one of the three.


We ended the session looking at ecosystems and microbiomes.

Session 4

Oh, and we also check out a few more videos at the end, such as the following: You are your Microbes!

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