Pterosaurs: The Card Game AR App Launchs in App Store

Wahoo! So excited. What just started last fall as a fortuitously timed conversation with the Museum’s exhibition department (learning they were making totally cool pterosaurs animations for our new exhibit opening next week) has now been released to the public as the companion augmented reality app to our new Pterosaurs: The Card Game.

It won’t work on ALL of the cards, but when the mobile device’s camera is pointed at *certain* cards in the deck, you can watch them walk, take off, fly, land, and even search for fish. We worked with Geomedia, a San Antonio-based production company that we met last year at the ASTC conference, who did a stellar (or should I say Mesozoic) job!

Just ten minutes ago I went to the App Store and saw, for the first time, the app available for download! The exhibit has yet to open, and you can’t even check out most of the cards, but please do preview the app and go to to find targets you can use (in one week this URL will go to the full experience).


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  1. Barry, congratulations! The application looks Pterrific! and Geomedia had a wonderful time working with everyone at AMNH on this project. We appreciate the opportunity!

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