Get your red hot Pterosaurs: The Card Game! Download the game now.

Today was a big day for Pterosaurs: The Card Game, the project we co-developed with youth in our #scienceFTW program. Actually, it was a big day for pterosaurs, as this morning we held our press briefing to introduce our new exhibit, opening this Saturday: Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs. (Some pterosaurs, I hear, want the next exhibit to be Dinosaurs: Walking in the Age of Pterosaurs, but we’ll see…)

Press from Brazil video themselves using the augmented component of the card game with assistance from Katie and John.

The press briefing was opened by Museum president Ellen Futter, followed by a panel of illustrious Paleontologists and exhibit curators, concluding with a demonstration of theĀ  sure-to-be-exhibit-highlight interactive Fly Like a Dinosaur. The press toured the exhibit and then, afterwards, stopped by our Pterosaurs: The Card Game station. The youth (those able to skip school) did an amazing job talking with press from all over world, showing them how to play the game and use the AR app, gushing about their excitement at having just visited the exhibit, and how proud they are to be associated with the game. (When their coverages comes out, I will share it here, along with photos of the teens in action). One reporter insisted on playing two full games (she didn’t want to leave until having won at least once game). I was so proud of them and their work, and proud to be at an institution willing to put such prominent attention on youth (as both students and educational product developers) and games-based learning.


In addition, I have more card game awesomeness to report:

1 ) Download Your Own Deck

While the cards will be available for sale in our store in the coming weeks, you can get your OWN copy now. Download and print your own copy here. And, after you do, please come back here and tell us what you think.

2) The AR Targets Are Now Online

Last week I reported that the AR app – which makes the pterosaurs fly off the cards – had launched in the App Store. But without the cards, what can you do? Now, quite a bit! Go here to view the cards (the “targets” that trigged the AR) here.


3) Watch The Play-through Video

Earlier I shared some fun photos from the film shoot, in which students played the game from beginning to end to teach others how to do the same. Now, you can watch the video here.


4) How DO You Pronounce Those Crazy Names?

It is not often one brings up “Rhamphorhynchus” in a casual conversation. But when you do, you’ll want to get it right! Our Communications dept. made this great video – with youth from around the Education Department – mispronouncing pterosaur names until getting them right. Check it out here.

Rod, on left, photographs a Brazilian reporter’s video camera filming her holding up her iPhone to view Katie and John using an iPad to trigger the animation on the pterosaur card and project it on the screen (now try THAT five times fast…)

More photos for the day can be seen here.

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